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26th September 2020

Every Life Matters.

In the blink of an eye, a holiday is over; baby becomes teenager, child leaves home and health is replaced by infirmity and pain………….life rushes by so very quickly and we often don’t realise the significance or importance of a moment until it’s too late….

This holiday villa business is lovely to work in, not least because guests who come to rest and relax, seem to go from ‘tightly wound” to ”total chill” in the moment they walk into their chosen villa. They become consciously aware that this is THEIR time and they can leave the daily worries and troubles behind, to simply ”be” in the time their holiday affords them. And during this time, we are happy to take the strain and the worries – often joking that guests, ”leave their brains behind”  with the funny things they do! (You may recall the tale of the turning of the sausages!).

Life goes on here on the safe island of Cyprus , in the same way it does everywhere else. Those of us who are honoured to work for you , to make sure the holiday is what you wish of it; from the farmers growing the gorgeous tomotoes, potatoes and veg, to those tending vines, to the owners of taverns getting things just right – and across all hospitality industry/car hire/laundries, we are working to keep things right.

Years of training and expertise go into learning to teach how to keep pool water safe and balanced, how to ensure exotic plants are the right ones to be close to a villa or apartment – and how to keep disciplined to put you first while you are here, when the sun and the wine are tempting us otherwise!

It’s all worth it – because life is worth it.

Yesterday, this beautiful place lost a very beautiful soul: a lady who was, like many, taken far too young and unexpectedly, leaving her family shocked and grieving. This lady was magnificent! This is the best word I can think to describe her: talented, creative, driven, kind, honest and committed: she was a pleasure to know and an incredible being to be inspired by. Our love and thoughts are with her family today – Cyprus has lost this lovely lady but her legacy of life and colour and exploring new ways of doing things, will live through her children.

Tragically, many souls passed yesterday , some in the most terrible circumstances – and they won’t be the last. Time waits for no man.

So, in the spirit of , ”Every Life Matters & Every Life is Precious”, let’s cherish the moments , live out loud and let the worries take care of themselves. Let’s treat everyday as a holiday, whatever we are doing.