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1st January 2010


I got such a fright this morning: Jake, who has been reasonably well on his epilepsy tablets, began to make the most awful noises and I thought he was having a seizure. I jumped out of bed and rushed to his side, only to discover he was fine and simply ‘pleasuring himself ‘ quite noisily…..

oh dear!…..

And to make you smile more, our car hire man rang us to check he’d spelt the name correctly, of an arrival this pm. He read out to me FUC**R and queried whether or not it was right……….

I couldn’t stop laughing and explained the name was Felcher not the one he had- but that he’d look very silly standing in the airport holding up the sign he’d read to me – though he may meet a few men who matched the name!

Category: Cyprus Villas News