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25th August 2018

Er, hello?

There must be something fundamentally wrong with me!

Why? Well, I’ve spent 30 minutes leafing through a very lovely , weekly glossy magazine, which is filled with the most stunning women who live in a hot climate, look amazing and are photographed in their kitchens, poolside, bedrooms and gardens, looking like they’ve stepped out of a ”makeover”.

Which in some ways I’m sure they have but sitting here on our hillside , with it’s beautiful views of the village and coastline; taking in our pretty , fragrant garden and looking across to the pool, I look more like an old dishcloth than dishy female!

Walking around the garden isn’t for wearing towering La B shoes; wearing concealer/eyeshadow and having a nip and a tuck, won’t do for the weeding and clearing of dog accidents, that I’m doing….

…and don’t even get me started about how I appear leaving the pool, with hair which is chemically challenged at the best of times but behaves like it wants it’s own swim these days!

I’ve either got to stop buying this magazine or hire  a whole host of cleaning, gardening and makeup staff, just to make me feel better!

Luckily, Barney T Rubble love me, however I look and he’s sat here smiling at me as I get ready to reply to more holiday villa rental enquiries…… As I’m typing, just imagine me living in paradise, (which I am) but please never Facetime me unexpectedly or Barney will have to answer.

For magazine worthy holiday villas with gorgeous pools and restaurants close by worthy of the rich and famous – at the real persons prices,  email to


Or actually, Akita! Barney rules!


Category: Cyprus Villas News