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2nd February 2015

Ensuite bedroom?

Its a known fact amongst our family and friends, that Charlie Cat gets ‘special treatment ‘ at home. We believe he deserves it! Found in a bin, in a restaurant in Lefkara, over 10 years ago, Charlie has lived here happily with us and his furry friends since then.

With his best friend, Gus cat, living next door, Charlie has a charmed life. He’s got the hill to explore, trees to climb, lizards to chase – and , with Gus, his job is to ‘protect us from the feral cat gang’.

Recently, Charlie has befriended a very large black and white feral cat, who regularly dines with Charlie in Charlies ensuite bedroom and who has now started to ‘sleep over’. Am not sure how Gus feels about this but as he also lives the life of luxury with his devoted people, I’m sure he’s not missing out on comfort.

Today, Gus is sleeping on the wall The feral gang are (currently) somewhere in the trees on the hill, doing their thing – so Charlie is on his balcony, sitting on his bench outside his bedroom, enjoying the sunshine!

If you are looking for a villa with ensuite bedrooms, Charlie won’t share with a person but we do have many gorgeous villas in the coral bay and peyia areas – and I’m happy to send you details of them! Email to me on or and I’ll send you the information.

Till then, here’s a photo of ‘chillout Charlie’ – especially for Isobel !

photo charlie ensuite