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10th June 2012

enough rope?

The lovely Chris from Crystal Marine in Latchi has currently ‘loaned ‘ us a ‘parking spot’ (I know its a mooring but that will annoy him!), next to a medium size fishing boat and a very large, get stuffed style gin palace.

This is great. It means we can moor easily, getting on and off our little boat fairly comfortably without falling into the harbour TOO often…

Except, Chris forgot to tell the owners of these craft that they cannot, under any circumstances, go out of the harbour when we are in the vicinity, trying to come back in and tie our boat back up………..because this means we cannot moor and that means we cannot get off the boat because:
1) there is nothing to stand on
2) there is nothing to moor against
3) we fight and argue coz the ropes are too short to tie to the neighbouring boats
4) I fall in the harbour trying to rescue the oar and hook which I dropped in trying to get the rope to be long enough to tie to another craft
5) the people sitting on the harbour in the cafes, laugh heartily at us and don’t let us forget all of the above
6) we’ve already finished our food/drinks/fuel so we cannot just ‘bob about’ for a few more hours….

Still, was an experience in patience (tony), rope throwing (tony), having a paddy (me) and learning to be more creative on mooring (both of us – me underwater and Tony on the pontoon laughing)….

All good fun………….NOT!

Category: Cyprus Villas News