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30th March 2016

Enjoying living with the animals.

Like many people, I’ve been very interested in the news stories celebrating the fact that Longleat Safari Park has been going now for 50 years. It’s amazing how happy the animals are and wonderful to see how the current owners, whose grandfather took the initial risk to open the park, are loving living with the animals. What a great life!

I was commenting to Tony that it must be great to live in a home, surrounded by animals and having so many people coming to see you because of the animals – so he pointed out to me that most of our family and friends, who visit annually and queue for available dates, come to see our furry gang and our neighbours, the goats!

He has a point: Barney T Rubble, now 52 kilos and his beautiful little 4 kilo sister, ‘host’ many a BBQ and certainly rule the roost here on the hill! We know for sure, their presence here is of great appeal than ours! We know our place! It may not be a safari park but ‘safari’ it’s working out very well for humans and animals together, LOL!

If you’d like to come to meet the wildlife in Coral Bay and Peyia, to visit the zoo and to meet some local people too, email to me to ask about available villas with pools, in the area and I’ll be happy to help!

Pictures of our wild animals, below!

photo molly chillingphoto barney and molly 2