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1st January 2010

English totty in a villa in Peyia!

If you are wondering why Tiffy cat doesn’t often get mentioned, its because she is not only very shy but she’s also been told that, as a very beautiful blonde, English cat, she’ll be in great demand amongst the rough and ready Cypriot feral cats who live on our hill!

We’ve warned her that they:

– have no prospects

– have nothing to offer her of any longterm substance

– will not only want to “get to know her” but may also try to muscle in on her food supply

– will not be popular with her sister, Molly dog or her brothers, Alfie and Jake

….so she has chosen to stay close to home!

Tiff reminds me of a Victorian lady, whose family would have chosen a partner for but who would not have been allowed out of her home unaccompanied. She does like wandering around the garden but only if either Tony or I are home and the doors are open so she can get in quickly.

If any friends call, she rushes in to hide as she doesn’t much like people – well, except for people with bacon sandwiches or people with curry: two particular favourites of hers!

The grey cat is still hanging around our home, annoying Charlie. In the early hours when I cannot sleep, I hear him ” singing” and imagine that he is serenading Tiff and showing his devotion by being constantly there, just waiting for a sign that she likes him.. Luckily, Tiff is getting older and is a little deaf so she doesn’t hear the racket – and Tony reckons Grey is just hungry and knows a soft touch household when he sees one!

Tony could be right: the likely happy ending seems to be that Grey will move in here and share the food mountain!

Category: Cyprus Villas News