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27th June 2021

Empty Chairs and Cherished Moments.

One of the most precious things in the world, is sharing a meal or simply a coffee, sat around a table with family and friends.

There really isn’t anything like, ”breaking bread’ with loved ones – no matter how annoying they – and we! – can be!

We’ve been blessed with a few days of being together with some of those we love, sharing occasions and food, wine and stories….

No matter how happy the occasions – and they have been – my heart aches for those sat there who are ”imagining” the loved ones they’ve lost and wished could be there – and for us too, feeling the deep loss of those who matter more to us than we could have ever articulated.

Family, furry family or close friends, love is love.

Seeing the ”ghosts” of those who’ve walked home before us – and feeling the presence of their love and care, can bring me to tears in a second.

It can also fill me with warmth and the knowledge that it’s a journey and we share it fully, partly or momentarily, with one another. I suppose the trick is, appreciating the moments and holding close, the magic that is the connection love brings.

Am I feeling sad today? Yes, I’m missing so many people and furry friends.

Am I happy to feel the depth of that loss , knowing its coming from love and knowing that there are still memories to make and loved ones to hold dear: you bet I am!

Thankfully, there is still time to share: how much, I’ve no idea – but how important , I know without question, is that it’s THE most important thing.

Being together. Keeping close – no matter the distance.

There may be empty seats but my heart is full and, as well as the sadness felt last evening, the joy of seeing dear friends with their parents sat close by, was deeply touching.

Life. It’s a loving thing!