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1st January 2010

empty boxes, watering can and lovely vet

Our gorgeous 3 year old great neice has lost her much loved cat: sadly, Puss Puss, aged approx 20, passed away last year. LilyMae, our great neice, is devastated. Her mummy , Jessica, told Lily that Puss Puss was in heaven, so Lily waited in the garden with an open cardboard box, ready to catch her cat when she fell back to earth…..Jessica then had to own up that Puss Puss was buried in the garden, so Lily is watering the mound covering the cat, telling her mummy Puss Puss will come back with the flowers….aaaaah

Speaking of animals, I called to get Alfies tablets today and was talking to Nikolas, one half of our lovely couple who are our local and much trusted vets: he and Annie have had a busy week with hunting season – but he finds time to look on the blog so I’ve got to say “hello” to he and Annie – and to thank them both on behalf of all of their patients, for being so good at their jobs and so caring. They are the best!

Lastly on animals, Molly “Houdini” has been scuppered today:she’d built an escape tunnel from the garden under the (empty) kennel to the garden. We’ve just worked out what she has done so have filled the tunnel. Molly and her tool box/ladder/drill are now running around the edge of the house looking for another route. Watch this space!

Category: Cyprus Villas News