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1st January 2010

Emergency Ward 10!

Our villa in Peyia is beginning to feel like a medical centre! Alfies wound has to be dressed and cleaned 3 times daily, which is fine. Charlie cat is pretending to have a sore paw coz we’ve a fridge full of salmon he’d like to eat! And today, Tony has been in hospital having an operation on his hand

Thankfully, the operation went well. Checkup is tomorrow and will be a great opportunity for me to touch base with the doctor to find out when Tony now “officially” cannot do anything AT ALL! Except watch football, read emails and dictate to me how to answer them……….

Sadly, also means Tony cannot drive, so I’m the office driver for New Years Eve………
So we are staying in!

Well, it will help Tony rest and we can both keep an eye on Alfie!

Have fun, whatever you are doing!

Category: Cyprus Villas News