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13th April 2019

Embracing differences?

Waking up this morning , with the sun in the heavens and the blinds still down at our bedroom window, Tony and I watched a tiny little bird, who could be seen in silhouette through the blind. As we watched, it began to pick the fibers of the fly screen apart, where a hole had developed……

This cheeky little bird went off then returned with a friend, who ”helped” and we watched as the hole got bigger……………

I laughed, thinking how clever this little birdy was. Tony was furious and wanted to go out and shoot them all!!

Later on, I was down by the cat hotel which is in front of our home, feeding a new guy on the block, who has been hanging around the hill and was obviously hungry. Tony saw what I was doing and told me to stop or this cat would join the other cats and live in the cat hotel – so we’d have more mouths to feed!

Now, as I’ve put some of the chair covers in the washing machine, I asked for Tonys help because they are heavy and needed to be folded, so he came and started helping – but I had to shout to him to stop coz I could see a spider on one of the covers , so the cover needed to come out of the washer, spider evicted then cover returned..

The morning’s antics and Tony’s reactions to them, have reminded me of a line from the movie, “My Fair Lady” – ie “” Why cannot a woman, think like a man?”……spoken, I believe , by Rex Harrison in sheer frustration!

Tony’s words to me weren’t quite as poetic but the birds are flying free and have a warm nest, complete with fly screen! The new cat is fed and snoozing and the spider is running around our kitchen floor, so all is good with the world!

I suppose we cannot all think/be the same!

Of course, that’s why we have such different styles of villas and apartments to choose from: for choice. And if you’d like to make a choice and book today, email to  Animals welcome!