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9th November 2016

Election fever!

Well, it’s all happening here in Peyia too! With the local mayoral elections due on the 18th December, the three candidates are out and about, spreading their manifesto and enthusing us with promises….


There are there candidates: one, we met yesterday but he is a friend and called in to talk about some business we are doing with him anyway. The other two include the current mayor, who won’t meet with the expats anyway and another candidate, whose wife talked to us in a restaurant last week and insisted we vote for him – because he’s nice!

It’s so interesting: the Municipality of Peyia is huge now and is made up of many nationalities. With the heart of it being – as it should be – the local Cypriots who are wonderful if not a little protective and the rest of  ”us” making up the not insubstantial numbers of people living here – not to mention, investing here and employing people here – really , there should be a more proactive way of getting info out to the voters and giving us all a choice.

I’m not suggesting that we go áll out” in the American way , just that we can listen to the candidates and learn more about them/their missions – and maybe they could listen to us to hear how much we love this area and would love to contribute some thought/help to it’s future.

I’m being pushy and have suggested meetings to two of the candidates. So far, nothing – but I’m not giving up! I owe it to the many villa and apartment owners we work for and the thousands of happy holiday makers we care for, to help keep Peyia moving forward, whilst keeping it’s heart in the right place.

Watch this space!

If you want to vote early for a holiday in Peyia, Cyprus, email to me on and I’ll send our villa manifesto! Whatever the outcome of the elections, we’ll still have these wonderful sunsets (below) to ‘share’ freely!


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