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1st January 2010

Eat, drink and be scary!

Its Halloween and Peyia village is full of English children wearing silly masks (and their parents just looking the same…..). There are Halloween parties in some of the bars and pumpkins are sold out. Great fun!

I didn’t know until I checked today, that Halloween originated in Ireland in the 19th century. Apparently at the end of the harvest season, many of the workers had no money to buy food so would go door to door and offer to sing and pray for the dead loved ones , in return for money or food. With so many Irish then going to America, its now Trick or Treat night….

I’ve got villa guests arriving in Coral Bay tonight: what they’ll think about coming to a larger village full of ghouls and party animals, I don’t know: especially the Russian guests who are due!

Will have to hurry home tonight from the check ins though: Tony is sure my Mum will fly in for a midnight visit!….

Category: Cyprus Villas News