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20th April 2014

Easter Sunday walk

What a beautiful day! The sun is in the heavens and the skies are clear and very blue. Tony and I have walked along the rugged coastline from near the Coral Beach Hotel up to Yialos. Barney T Rubble is a little tired today, having ‘partied’ with us till the early hours = and having eaten his unfair share of sausages too!

Molly is full of beans and has great fun exploring all the rocks and the playing in the waves as they sneaked up to her. Barney, who loves to look at the sea, had his first try at ‘paddling’ and was a little unsure!

We walked down into the huge cove, which looks like an amphitheatre: its fashioned out of almost white sandy stone and steps down, in a little bit of a disorganised way, to the water. Climbing down these natural steps. we came across of wonderful rock, which looked like it had many stories to tell and which seemed almost ‘at peace’ watching over the sea. It was huge and filled with holes, some of which had flowers growing out of them : totally lovely.

This walk is one of many which are literally next to the holiday villas in Coral Bay. Despite being in the resort itself, and just off the Corallia beach, the walk ‘feels’ magical and being on it helps to create  a feeling of total escape, giving a taste of nature at its finest.

The fact that Yialos tavern is on the route AND there is a new mobile ‘coffee and cake’ shop in one of the coves, doesn’t harm either!

Come on: if you like walking, ‘step into ‘ our website and put your best foot forward and book a holiday villa in Coral Bay. Looking forward to seeing you  and can even lend you a dog to accompany you on your Cyprus walk too!