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19th April 2014

Easter Saturday in Peyia, Cyprus

The Easter celebrations are well underway here in the village of Cyprus. The church bells have been ringing , accompanied by our Akita puppy, Barney T Rubble, who ‘sang’ his heart out as the bells chimed for 5 minutes! The local young men are gathering near the village centre, in their large trucks and cars – in fact, driving anything which can carry the wood they are all off to chop and bring back to put on the  Easter fire which will be placed next to the church, in the centre.

Assembling and lighting this fire, is traditionally meant to ‘light up hope and joy’ and celebrate the end of winter and beginning of new life. The locals take great pride in building the largest possible bonfire but as its placed on the car park, used by the tourists and expats who live here, for easy access to Philippos supermarket, there are often some grumpy shoppers who don’t seem to ‘see the light’ at all! Thankfully these are few and far between.

I enjoy very much telling the holiday guests who are currently staying in some of our holiday villas and apartments, all about our traditions, so that they can be in the right place to experience the festivities and ‘feel’ the joy of the people participating.

At midnight, as the fire burns and Easter Sunday begins, the locals will walk door to door, blessing and sharing food and friendship with each other – and with anyone who wishes to join them. Its a beautiful time to be here!

With Easter Games in the village stadium on Monday afternoon, you’ve just got time to check last minute availability and jump on a flight to join in! Email to me on

Kalo Pasca!