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1st January 2010

Easter, poison and potential

Its Easter Saturday and the car park at Phillipos Supermarket is filled with wood, brought by the young men of the village to the car park and set ready to burn the spirit of Juddas, so that the Easter celebrations can begin at midnight. The bonfire setting is HUGE! Tourists are stopping to stare at it and look worried as to what the locals are up to. The locals are either throwing wood onto the soon to be fire or staying well out of the way! Its been 28 degrees today so we don’t need too much more heat!

Tony has had food poisoning all day. My fault, of course. I did it deliberately (apparently) and, Tony tells me, even the chemist agrees that I’m a bad cook………..well, thats one less task for me to do when Tony gets back from Dallas!!

The flight to Dallas is early hours of Monday and the exam for Tonys instructors course, within 8 hours of arrival. Tense? You bet! And thats just the dogs! Tony hasnt’ settled for 5 weeks and I never want to hear about another pool again BUT it all passes and its an excellent thing to do: just wish I could help!

Happy Easter!

Category: Cyprus Villas News