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4th November 2012

Easter is almost here!

Easter is only a few days away here and the feeling in the village of Peyia is one of peace and celebration. The Church bells ring out with pride and purpose- and sadly, are interspersed with the sound of a life which lost too – but everything feels special and welcoming.

Peyia is a wonderful place to be when you want to have a sense of belonging. Often I feel like we are all “playing a part in a theatre here”: eg the tractors trail up and down the street, with the odd flash car and more worn truck. People from all walks of life, wearing some weird and wonderful things, just sit around or stand and stare at the view/village, as if waiting for instruction…..

Its only when it comes to parking outside of Philippos supermarket in Peyia, that the real world kicks in. People (normally from the UK), shout at each other, “beep” their horns and generally get so very upset that “their” space has been taken…..great fun but totally unnecessary

Yes, its a good place to be , whether Easter or not
You should come and join us!

Category: Cyprus Villas News