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1st January 2010

Easter Bunnies and bread bunies!

Where have you been? I’ve been blogging creatively and with gusto, (you don’t know him!), for days – then realised I’d forgotten to actually push the buttons! So here I am, pushing buttons and counting bread rolls. Let me explain……….Its Easter Monday here in sunny Cyprus and what a fabulous Easter weekend it is turning out to be. As well as welcoming in some lovely villa guests into villas in both Coral Bay and Peyia, we’ve got four wonderfully alcoholic and very funny, friends, staying with us, so have been partying till the early hours.

On Saturday night, we welcomed around 40 other friends to our home to join us for the Bells Annual Bacon Butty and fireworks celebration (fireworks courtesy of the local villages and butties from us ). Arriving from 9pm and staying till the wee hours, we’ve sausaged and baconed to death for hours -and I still had 140 bread rolls left on Sunday morning . The six of us tried to deplete the supplies and eat more on Sunday morning but there are only so many sausages a girl should safely have to consume in her lifespan! (This morning, I noticed that the Ellerton four left very early before Tony could fire up George Formby grill!!)

Anyway, was a great night and good fun. We met Mike (hello Mike), owner of one of the best villas in Peyia which we love to rent out. Accompanied by 3 totally mad friends, Mike assisted us in the consumption of posh crinkle cut chips and butties – and one of his friends decided I was totally crazy when he asked me for “coarse sea salt” for his chips, so I took the top off the salt and made it say, “bugger off”…………..

One of the highlights of the evening was the arrival of KatieJohn, our lovely 6 foot 4 inch friend who enjoys dressing as a lady even though he is all man! The party “separated” into those who would speak to him/her and those who couldn’t. Sadly, couple of people wouldn’t come to the party because John was coming but thats entirely their choice: we like him and he is our friend.

I’d ordered 200 bread buns and got 211! many are still left and the birds are flocking enthusiastically around the house waiting for me to throw more to them. The sausages seemed to breed and the wine, evaporate! Still, we’re all here to tell the tale.

Jake enjoyed the bash: he started drinking early by piercing a carton of white wine and enjoying the contents. He’d also pierced a few of the paper cups, which we didn’t notice until people started drinking and the wine came out of many holes, spraying the drinker in the process……

Its been lovely! The atmosphere in the village is wonderful: families are out together and there is dancing in the square and the sounds of singing resonating from the church. I just love Peyia!

This morning, one of our friends also arrived with an Easter cake which his wife had baked for us…….how nice is that?!

Wishing you all Kalo Pascha (Happy Easter) from a very sunny and warm spirited Cyprus

Category: Cyprus Villas News