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19th June 2020

Early morning lesson!

It’s very sweet being woken up early (and earlier!), each morning by the Hilltop Gang of Cats , who’ve decided our home is a good breakfast and dinner point – so they are growing in numbers and visiting daily.

Harry -the-now-not-so-hairy, is back from his stint in the vet and his appetite is greater than ever. He is very much, Top Cat, in this little gang and is was lovely to see him race down the hill from his ”real homé” and greet our little gang with loud purrs and ”head bumps”….

I digress. As I do! Sorry!

Anyway, one of the reasons that Harry was in the vet, was that his cat mummy has either never taught him to clean himself- or he’s male and cannot be bothered LOL. So his long fur was covered in sticky buds.

Now his shaved body shows these quickly, so I’m trying, no doubt alongside his real person mum, to keep him clean.

One of the other long term residents, is Bruce- who is a big tabby cat which seems to have a nose for small snakes – and I’m talking tiny little things – so he brings one now and again to place by the food bowls on the pathway. Not good and not welcome!

So, I wasn’t happy this morning when Angelo, the new kit on the block who is so very lovely and only a few months old, was trying to get a lizard which was on the tree, near where the tiny snakes have been hiding…..

What could I do? I was late for work anyway so decided I might as well be later again so sat down on the kerb with Angelo and tried to explain a few life things to him. He listened a little – well for as long as I rubbed his ears – but seems disinterested in the dangers of going into the undergrowth where he may get hurt. I explained that he should talk to the ”Elders” and try to learn a few things – but that I”d try to keep him right……

Am sure I saw Harry and Brucie sniggering in the bushes as I drove away!…..

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