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1st January 2010

Duvet Days..

Jake is having a “duvet day”. Or rather, he is having OUR duvet day! I’ve just walked into our bedroom and found the huge silly, cuddly animal lying asleep on our bed, under the duvet! So I’ve chased him and he is now in the downstairs bedroom on the bed – with Alfie and Molly!

Yesterday, jake had a toilet roll day. He found the new pack of “soft” toilet rolls, ready for our house guests and he shredded them. Day before that, it was on of my lovely camel shoes…….I could strangle him if he wasn’t so cute!

We should be used to it: when Molly came to live with us (she literally walked onto the side of our pool one day and stayed), she used to gather all kinds of things and store them under the rug. Her stash included a cheque book, lipstick, money and a paintbrush. I reckoned she had a family living on the hill and was sending them a monthly “goody bag”. Only Alfie has been good – well, if you discount him pulling blinds off the kitchen window in our old house in Yorkshire!

Jakes got the right idea about a duvet day: I’m just about to go to see some villa guests in Coral Bay and Peyia. Tony is out with Charly, our friend who owns villa Lily-May in Peyia and the house is peaceful. I could just curl up and go to sleep – if I could find an animal free corner that is!

Charly is shopping for stuff for his new villa and learning that GMT stands for Greek Maybe Time: course things will be delivered – eventually!

Have a wonderful post Valentines day! (speaking of post, wonder if my missing card is in todays lot!?)…..

Category: Cyprus Villas News