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1st January 2010

Duck Tales……….

Sadly, the little, sad looking rubber duck whose lived quietly in the downstairs shower room in our villa in Peyia, is no more.

Well, thats now strictly true: he’s actually MUCH more coz he’s spread in various pieces, around the lounge, stairs and bedroomed…….

Jake started it: he stole little duck and began to play with him, throwing him in the air and generally having a ball chasing his lovely new pal around the house. But Molly wasn’t happy – and so , she stole the duck back from Jake……….

This morning, it looked like Jake was going to get the duck back. Molly had slept the night on our bed, neglecting her yellow charge, who was sitting on the settee. Jake spotted the duck just as Molly was doing her early morning stretches and yawns – but Molly spotted jake and rushed to duckys’ defense.

The battle of the dogs has continued all day and into this evening. Molly has been a keen defender of her shrinking rubber friend and Jake has kept a very close eye on any opportunity to snatch the little thing. This chance came as Tony was sharing bacon with Alfie, (who is far too chilled out to join in with any silly puppy games). Molly went for the bacon and Jake grabbed the duck – then took it to get his share of the bacon! Dropping it at his paws so he was free to eat the bacon unrestricted, Alfie decided enough was enough and picked the duck up and chewed it to bits.

Apparently this was a favourite duck of Tonys mum and she wants me to replace it. I’ve told her to get one and just put it on the bill………………(bad joke! sorry but was winging this blog to get it finished).

The duck is gone but the rest of the household are still totally quackers ……

Category: Cyprus Villas News