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21st July 2018

Where dreams come true..

Okay, so I’m a bit of a romantic but, I’m what I am and nothing will change that! My Grandad and the old movies we watched together every Sunday, with my Mum, have a lot to answer for!

Anyway, what I’m getting at is, I just cannot help getting excited with the anticipation of what holiday makers, who arrive in their chosen villa, will feel when they actually see the villa! I love the feeling after the guests have left: that feeling when the villas are filled with the memories of laughter/chat and plans – and I adore the feeling when the brilliant housekeeping team have been in and ”made readý” for the new arrivals!

We try always to ”under promise and over deliver” – so seeing the faces on arrival, even when tiredness has taken a little shine off the smiles, then watching them as they walk around their chosen holiday villa or apartment and begin to settle into the moment, is an absolute pleasure!

Many events are celebrated in the holiday villas. From birthdays to weddings to vows renewal to anniversary – and , erm, I suspect, many babies are conceived in some too (though the owners won’t want TOO much information about that).

In brief, life happens in a holiday villa – and it happens , mostly, with joy, energy, tiredness and relief to be able to ”let go” for a week or so!

It’s in the ”letting go” that we take the strain. Whatever the villa holidaymakers need, we are there to try to help, as quickly and efficiently as we can. It’s our pleasure to be in the shadows, waiting to iron out the creases so to speak!

Ah…… think I may  holiday in one of our villas myself- that’s if you don’t beat me to it by booking available Autumn sunshine deals for 2018 or pre booking 2019!

Email to me for offers and availability – and thank you for your trust and allowing me to daydream about your happy villa holidays!

Category: Cyprus Villas News