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3rd August 2019

Dragonfly Days.

In the midst of what is an exceptionally busy time for us here in the beautiful area of Coral Bay and Peyia, I’m trying to discipline myself to take a little early morning , ‘time out’ before the day and night are  , ”lost” to the calls of the holidaymakers.

Yesterday, I managed to sit quietly for just over an hour, on the pool steps in the garden, just contemplating the world and feeling grateful for all the good things around me- not least , the chance to be able to help guests who may need some help during their stay.

After a while, I became aware of 4 stunning, red dragonflies, who’d placed themselves around the edges of the pool, almost at equal distance and who were watching me, as I was watching them…… curious, I swam up to each of them to have a closer look and they simply stayed still and serene – until I tried to gently touch one and she shot off!

Checking the internet, I learned that these pretty insects, love to travel the Middle East and Europe in the hot summer months – and found out just how powerful they are! The speed at which they can fly without any particular effort, is incredible! They are also territorial and have a great love and need for water…..and come in all colours! Something which amused me!

Then I checked the ”symbolic” meaning of Dragonflies and learned that they represent strength; are a sign to look below the surface of a situation and, in some religions, are a powerful sign of the need to go ”deep within” and find inner meanings……

I was actually only after an hour of chillout time yesterday but it has made me think! In this huge world of ours, if a tiny thing like a dragonfly can do and represent so much, what is the purpose for each of us?

Today, mine is about helping with holiday villa arrivals and departures, offering guest care and catching up with family and friends – though I’m going to take another hour right now, to sit awhile with my sparkling new red friends and see what they’ve got going on today! Very humbling to share the time with them!

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