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21st April 2018

Download or pick up?

It’s a very rare afternoon in our home. My husband is teaching a class of eager students about the chemistry of pool water and how to clean pools properly – and I’m home with the furries.

So far, we’ve cleaned windows/stripped beds/cleaned part some of the house and been shopping  – then I’ve suddenly realized that I have approximately 2 precious hours of ”alone time” and can do anything I want!

Well, I want to curl up with a good book. I’ve loads downloaded on my tablet and a couple which I have read but whose stories I love, sitting on the cabinet. …. Decisions, decisions.

Much as I am tickled by the immediacy of downloading books, so literally, whatever takes your fancy in literary terms, is there in a few clicks, I cannot let go of my love for a book.

Just holding a book in my hands. Looking at the size of it, the depth of words on each page and considering the secrets and pleasures this paper item holds, thrills me so much. I’ve often sat cuddling a book after I’ve finished a particularly good read, not able to let it go and wanting the story to go on. With the tablet, the words are there; the story available ; but the joy isn’t quite there. Maybe it’s the artificial light from the screen or maybe it’s the ”’flat nature” of the delivery on screen but I just don’t get it.

I suspect it’s age. I’ve a book on my shelf, (photo below), and I’m waiting for the right  moment to unlock it and fill it’s clean pages with stories and tales; some real; some imagined; all true in my heart – but the time just isn’t here. I still touch the book regularly and ”wish it well”.

For now, I’m sat on a machine, blogging happily and imagining the reader /wondering what they are thinking – and I’ll welcome any holiday villa enquiries to – but I’m reverting to paper in a moment and curling up with the weight of a book in my hands and the lightness of contentment in my soul!