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1st January 2010

Double Dragons!………….and not a George in sight!!

Tony calls my Mum, George the Dragon: affectionately (?) shortened to George. Well “George” returned to her Cypriot winter pad, last Wednesday and Tony has been INCREDIBLY BUSY since she got back and hasn’t had time for more than a quick cuppa and complaint about life in general.

I call Tonys Mum, Joan, my “Other Mother” – with no dragon references to be heard. Why? Well, she isn’t anything like a Dragon (but I don’t think my Mum is either) and actually, I think Tony and I are both really lucky to have the inlaws we have – and am trying to convince Tony of this fact!

I think its a man thing: by law of the universe, you are supposed to dislike or argue with your mum in law – and wives are supposed to get on with theirs!

Again, I’m lucky: my other mother is lovely; doesn’t interfere; doesn’t criticise (me – well as far as I know!) and adores Tony, her “Big Son”.

Trouble is, Tony and his Mum are very alike in character, so they are like bulls fighting their corner when you get them both going – and Bill (Other Mothers fella) and I, just laugh at them and side together in the lighthearted row…….

Joan and Bill are staying at a local hotel for 9 days: they didn’t want to stay with us for the full time due to us being busy with villa arrivals and holiday makers: we did want them to stay with us, for the same reason and the thought of having a very large ironing mountain conquered by my other mother!! Seriously, we really did want them to stay but the hotel in Coral Bay does bingo and is a half board option, so they’ve got a great deal.

We’re out to dinner with them in Coral Bay tonight. The Dragon is busy so couldn’t join us, sadly. Tony is heartbroken! Over dinner, we are discussing a villa in Coral Bay, large enough for other mother, William (Bills Sunday name), Mike (Tonys baby brother), Sarah (his Mrs) and gorgeous Tom and Charlotte. They are all coming to stay in Coral Bay in Springtime and we’re looking forward to organising this break for them.

Unfortunately, we are away the week that they are coming. Tony said something about a place called “Anywhere” but apparently George the Dragon isn’t welcome to come with us so we’ll be alone ………

Now, before I close, I’ve just got to check the list of “lovely things” I’ve to say about our mutual mothers from the note they each gave me earlier………………………………….no, think I got the essence right! Hee hee

ps We adore you both really! Honestly!! Truly!!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News