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1st January 2010


Life is nothing if not interesting. Today, I’ve giggled at something I wouldn’t have expected to tickle me, not least as we are in the middle of one of the busiest arrival and departure days in our year.
The lovely Emma and Biggsy (Christian), are flying around checking out happy guests from Villas Lily May and Bella, Deborah and Caliteri- all ready for the new arrivals later today…..

In the midst of the work, I got an email from our friend Chris, husband of the wonderful Linz, dog trainer and all round great girl: Chris is in somewhere very strange sounding – Turkmenistan? – where he has been for too many weeks working on a project. Sadly for Linz, Chris has met Doris – and today Chris has sent us a photo of Doris, who I have to say is not only attractive but also seems to have eyes and a cute smile only for Chris…..

As Doris is a camel and Chris is lonely, I’m thinking Chris should return home to Cyprus soonest. I suspect he may be in need of a roll in the hay but not the one Doris seems to be encouraging………….

I’ll keep you informed!

Category: Cyprus Villas News