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29th October 2017

Don’t lose your sparkle!

I’ve a small sign hanging in the kitchen of our home which says, “”never let anyone dull your sparkle”. I read it every time I open the blind on the window where it hangs and it makes me smile: probably because of the gorgeous friend of mine who gifted it to me!

Today, it’s making me feel guilty! Why? Well, the weather has changed here in Peyia , from ground cracking sunshine, to wonderful, moody , sunny Autumnal days with slightly shorter sunbathing hours but great cloud formations – so I want to ”bring colour warmth” to our home.

Basically, that means, I want to change all of the throws and light coloured covers, replacing them with the rich , winter textures of deep reds and golds in velvet and chenille. (As you may have guessed, I’m a hoarder of ”stuff” and have had these since UK days and LOVE them!).

My challenge is that , the pale lemon sparkly cover which is on the comfy, family sofa in the kitchen, will need to be changed into a more richly coloured, non sparkly one. Not that this is a problem in itself: it’s just that this lemon cover sparkles – or does in the places where Molly hasn’t worn the cover away! (This is Molly’s favourite place!). Then, if I do put it away for winter, I’ll have to move it’s ”friends”’, the equally sparkly (in places!) cushions – and I don’t want to upset any of them! (Does fabric have feelings? If I take the thought on the laws of physics, then surely everything has a vibration of it’s own and thus MAY have feelings that we don’t know about? Perhaps they’ll all hate the darkness of wardrobes and will be unhappy?….)

In real truth, I may be overthinking stuff – but the winter cover just isn’t the sparkly, lived in lemon one – and I cannot get to it anyway, coz it’s on our bed and Tony is still snoring away in there!

I think I’ll pour a ”glass of sparkly” instead and ponder the challenge of autumn/winter colour palette on another day! Really, I’ve enough to think about with the villa departures and arrivals today so should be trying to ”colour” my face and let my own inner brightness out before I worry too much about the kitchen!

Anyway, happy Sunday! And if your thoughts are turning to sparkling sunshine for 2018, drop me an email to and I’ll cover off some of the special sunshine deals on offer! ( the photo below is the sofa, ”as is”… this space for change!).

Category: Cyprus Villas News