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5th March 2013

Dont call me Gordon…….

So, we are less than a week away from the Wedding of Great Raymondodoulou, The Grandad and Susie Floozy. Family and friends are beginning to arrive on this lovely island and all is well in paradise….

I was surprised yesterday, when Gordon, Rays brother, popped into the office to see us as he’d just arrived. I literally ‘bumped’ into him as I was hurrying out to the bank and he grinned at me, so I grinned back and gave him a huge bear hug, planting lipsticked lips on his cheek – which may him pull back a little….

Then I heard Tony laughing and saying to him, ‘See, I told you , you are the double of the brother of our best friend here….’ – and the man smiled nervously, as he extracted himself from my arms…..

‘Don’t call me Gordon’, the man really known as Dave, said to me…………’and don’t touch me again’….was his unspoken command to me…


Sadly for the next person who called into the shop, who I did recognise and was delighted to see, my greeting was much cooler because I couldn’t trust my judgement or glasses!!

Hey, ho – I blame the sun!

Category: Cyprus Villas News