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1st January 2010

Don’t call me………

The trouble with people telling you NOT to do or say things, is that you DO do or say them, don’t you? The more you shouldn’t, the more you do, so to speak.

Sooooo, when a very special friend of ours was telling us about her gorgeous brother coming to visit and bringing his second wife with him, neither of whom we’ve ever met let alone known anything about, she instructed us “Don’t call her Kathryn…….” – which we would never have dreamt of doing, coz we didn’t know her or know her name!

BUT life being what it is, being unable to remember her name and ONLY able to remember what NOT to call her, we called her,, …………..Kathryn!

Well you would, wouldn’t you?

“Dont call her Kathryn” is apparently not too happy about the fact that her husband had a first wife and she was called Kathryn………and he sometimes calls her this by mistake, as will we all from now on.

Oh dear! Still , everyone seems to call me by a name I don’t like and don’t suit -but is also the name of (one of) Tonys exes – so I know how Dont call her Kathryn feels!

From now on, I’m just saying, “Hello” and forgetting names! (which have also been changed in this story to protect the innocent – and I think one of those innocents is highly likely to punch me! After she’s called me a few choice new names, of course!!)

Oh and Happy New Home to Susie and The Great Raymondo! xx

Category: Cyprus Villas News