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1st January 2010

Don’t be annoyed – holiday in a villa or private apartment

I’ve just read the recent survey about the 10 most annoying holiday facts, top of which was the blagging of sunbeds by holidaymakers. This was followed by things such as patriotic holiday wear (one of my own pet hates – especially when the items don’t fit the wearer properly); karaoke; drunkenness (I apologise but it cannot be ALL my fault?); rudeness, (not guilty – am often the victim of this) and various other things…..

This has made me feel much better coz when you book a holiday with us and choose one of the wonderful properties we look after, you get your own sunbeds, we promise never to wear anything with a union jack on it , we’ll not shout or be rude – and I’ll give up drinking.

Okay, I probably won’t do that but I won’t drink on duty (and I don’t drink that much anyway – only after bad karaoke and fighting for sunbeds!…….only kidding).

Seriously, there are so many advantages to holidaying in a villa or private apartment – and the survey has just proven this to us again!

Go on, you know you want to try one……

Category: Cyprus Villas News