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9th February 2019

Domestic Bliss?

It’s a beautiful morning here in Peyia. With interesting sky, filled with the promise of sunshine and light clouds, the air is fresh and lovely  – a real, ”a good to be alive day”.

So, what do we do on days this? Well, for me, catch up on the huge amount of washing I’ve got from the recent weeks of heavy rain. It’s just the day to get everything in, washed and hung out to dry in the February breezes…

What does my husband do? Decide to climb a ladder behind our house and begin to cut the tree branches down, which have been spreading quickly and have been, ”knocking music” on our bedroom windows through the night, in the heavy winds.

All good.

Except that the tree is behind the house where the two washing lines are: the whirlygig which is set into the ground and the ”old faithful” airer. Course it would have been too much to move the airer before the demolition commenced, or to throw the branches to the left of the whirlygig, so both are now doing impressions of a very large tree and neither can be reached without a team of helpers to lift, break = then repair the whirlygig and broken airer…..

It was all doing so well.

Luckily, my well-intentioned husband is now off to the pub to meet his ”tree fellas”, which whom he shares Saturday gossip and catch up! So the washing will have to wait – and I’m praying the tree doesn’t take root in its new home or we’re all doomed! (Well, not really – but it will take some sorting out). Thankfully, all other DIY is in the ”planning stages”, where the list has been for a VERY long time- and I’m off to hide said list now! I cannot take the after event clear up!

Happy days. Back to booking holidays in villas for lucky people choosing to come here. There’s a branch here in Peyia!