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3rd May 2020

Doggy friends and enemies.

Today hasn’t started as well for Barney T Rubble, as he would have liked it too!

It’s Sunday and normally a day in which he gets his, ”unfair share of good attention” -and we basically wait on him hand and paw. As we are working from home , like so many people , at the moment, he has been getting many treats and much time, so today is just another happy day…

Except it’s a scary one! First , Mr Thunder made an early morning appearance and woke up the sleeping big dog who proceeded to try to hide under the bed! Then, the Church bells rang out at 7am and Barney seems to feel it’s is duty, to sit on the balcony and howl along with them! As todays ringing was more enthusiastic than normal, poor dog was shattered!

Add having to have his poorly eye washed, then drops in then gel in THEN he had to have his coat brushed and he’s not exactly delighted with his ”lot” right now – or wasn’t till we made some toast for him!

Got me thinking about the many wonderful dogs who’ve let us be their humans during their lives: Lucy, our friendly Collie dog, was terrified of mashed potato! She must have come from the planet where mash rules! Henry-but-you”re-not-staying, a rescue Old English Sheepdog who came to us for a few months and stayed 16 years, loved Broccoli! I had to buy extra heads of Broccoli just for him! Alfie loved oranges! I know he shouldn’t have done but he did. Dan and William, a black and a white Labrador, just loved EVERYTHING – and as much of it as possible……..then our precious Molly Mou, who loved life, food, noise, people and experience in as much abundance as possible! But she was scared of lizards….

Barney’s Uncle Jake, who we shared 5 difficult years with after rescuing him from a chain, loved cuddles and ”his” song, which we sang to him as he sat on The Thinking Step with us – but he was frightened of the rain and didn’t like loud noise, though he could make the LOUDEST noise when he wanted to…..

Dogs! They are each incredible. All , very interesting and mostly, given to us so we can learn about love……..Think the rest of today needs to be ”all about Barney T Rubble”!

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