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1st January 2010

Doggie Duvet Day ………

Life is like this. We spent all of yesterday cleaning our home top to bottom/stripping beds/doing windows/cleaning ovens etc …….by 8pm, we were as shiney as a new pin!

I went to bed happy and content, knowing that today, when our friends arrive to holiday with us, the place was welcoming and warm; clean and fresh……….but I hadn’t taken into account the animal factor!

At 5am this morning, I heard Jake and Alfie running around like lunatics. Up and down the stairs they went; bedroom doors were opened and stuff was flying – so I got up……..

The room which was ready for Els and Andy, had been ransacked! We found (and photographed), the dogs and the honorary dog (Charlie Cat), snuggled up asleep on the bed, looking as innocent as angels!

Jake has “scented” the cleaned and ironed, suite covers , choosing his own fragrance over that we’d chosen…….I was ready to kill!

But they looked SOOOOOOOOO cute, I just left them and photographed them for my own amusement. Oh, and got another room ready very quickly to make sure that Els and Andy had somewhere clean to live in!

Category: Cyprus Villas News