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1st January 2010

Doggie Dopplegangers

Oh dear, Jake has a BIG problem! For the past couple of evenings, outside our home, a great, big cuddly Jake double has been hanging around tormenting Jake! It copies everything Jake does – even to the point last night of banging on the window with its paw coz Jake was banging HIS paw on the window to tell it off!

This beastie arrives as the sunsets and the windows begin to reflect the images and lights inside the house, duplicating them as a reflection and confusing the viewer……….well, totally confusing Jake anyway!

We returned from doing a check in for a villa in Coral Bay last night, to find Jake very upset and making a very funny grumbling/moany noise at this “image dog”. We tried to comfort Jake and explain to him that a Molly and an Alfie were also there but he was having nothing of it. We took him upstairs to the lounge- and would you believe this doggie followed him there too, staring at Jake through the glass!

Closing all the curtains around the house, which I never do coz the views of the lights in Coral Bay and Peyia are just lovely, Jake then began to look behind the curtains to see where his ” predator” had gone – and , as soon as we opened the door this morning, Jake shot out to find his furry friend!

It was very funny and reminded us of the little dog who lives in the mirror on the wall outside and stares back at Molly when she climbs on the chair to look into the mirror! Molly doesn’t like this dog one bit, especially when we “cuddle it” and she’s getting a cuddle to!

Makes you wonder what goes on in their minds!

Category: Cyprus Villas News