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17th August 2015

Doggie, Diva or Domanitrix?!

Here’s the conundrum: Molly Mou has a splendid red leather harness, which is decorated with studs and which, quite frankly, makes her look like a domanitrix! Dare we walk her looking like this?

A pretty little dog, weighing only 4 kilos, she looks hard as  nails wearing this and even seems to walk differently! Normally , she is simply attired in her diamond diva collar, so adding this harness really changes her personality!

Luckily , most of the walks we take, are in quieter areas so not many people see Molly’s outfit but as we head into September and the temperature drops to a more comfortable early 30s and the dogs wish to be out more, we’re more likely to meet people- and we don’t want to scare them!

Course we could always get Barney T Rubble a matching harness and have them both looking tough – but Barney will cower if anyone comes to pick a fight with him! Luckily his little sister will stick up for him! At 65 kilos (and growing), Barney needs protection and Molly, in her harness, looks like she needs a mission – so I suppose the conundrum is sorted!

Come and meet the doggies!

photo barney and molly 2