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6th July 2020

Dog, Cats and Mondays

The start of the week is always a time of great anticipation – and fear! Especially at the moment when we really don’t know what is happening day to day with Covid 19 and lockdown restrictions. Wherever we are in the world, there are challenges..

Monday started peacefully enough here: I’d been delighted to tell the guests who’ve booked villas for August onwards, that it looked likely they could come now that the UK is in Category B – but they are all stressing about where to get a PCR test in the UK and I cannot help (though I’m trying to find out information).

Meanwhile, here at home in Cyprus, working through the summer of this terrible disease unpaid but willingly, I was having to face the reality of the fact that times are tough so we need to look at selling our home – so I called an estate agent to come and value for us.

So far, so good!

Barney T Rubble slept peacefully under the aircon unit until about 5 mins before the lovely Emma , from Sold On Cyprus, arrived – then he decided to sneak out of the house – and poo in front of the house, so he didn’t need to go to his toilet area because it was too hot to do so!


Caught is quickly, whipped out a carrier bag and got it in the bin – just as 3 of the 4 feral cat gang decided to visit the house, setting Barney off in a frenzy, so with cushions and stuff flying, I tried to ensure the cats were safe; to catch Barney and to welcome Emma in a calm and collected manner.


She was wonderful . Professional and lovely. Kind and understanding – but I saw the look of relief on her face as she left the madhouse to go home to her normality!

Life: it’s what happens while we are making other plans ! x

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