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1st January 2010

Doctors and nurses………….

My “alarm call” went off just before 6am this morning: it was Dr Jake trying to spring his best friend and big brother, Alfie, free from Alfies “sick bay” bedroom. I had to get up or the door would have gone in – and , with Alfie helping jake from inside the room, I was concerned Alf would hurt his shoulder…………
Door open and Jake couldn’t stop kissing Alfie, so I had to separate them for a while to give Alf a chance to get his breath. Sadly, I didn’t see Nurse Molly was ready to take over once Dr Jake had finished – and she’d called in Dr Charlie to help!
Poor Alf! He was “snotted on” from all different heights! Jake had covered his head and back, Molly was doing his legs and Charlie was trying to climb up his side …………..

Greetings and care giving over, they’ve all settled into their various snoozing positions in the lounge – but I think the whole process will resume again once breakfast is over.

Watching them is wonderful: they love each other every bit as much as we love them – and we’re so glad Alfie is back with them to be part of it all.

Thank you Annie and Nicolas! (Peyia Vets!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News