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1st January 2010

Do you wanna be in my gang?

I’ve been out and about this morning seeing the people who are leaving the villas in Coral Bay – and helping out a guest who had locked themselves out. Simple enough you may think but I was being supervised by Charlotte, 9, Charlotte 7 and Frankie, 5; so its all taken a little longer than it normally would.

The girls were wonderful: chatting to the guests; asking the children if they’d had a great holiday and generally behaving like fully grown holiday reps. Only slight problem was caused by me: I took the girls to Yialos for a drink and ice cream in between checkins – and the girls decided that they were going to have chocolate icecream

At the next checkin, I realised that the guests were having a giggle at the little team in front of them. Not because the girls were in uniform (which they were) but because these little would be execs were talking through chocolate smudged lips – and our Lottie even had chocolate all down her T shirt and shorts!

Grace, the beautiful young daughter of one of our departing guests, was ready to travel home and looked totally angelic and immaculate: but looked longingly at Lotties chocolate offerings. Dont think it will be long before Mummy and Daddy get asked if Grace can have a chocolate ice cream! Though I think they’ll say no! Not till we are safely home and the clothes can be changed quickly!

Home now, we’re all changed and cleaned and ready for checkins. Think this new fresh look will last, erm, about half an hour……

Category: Cyprus Villas News