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1st January 2010

Do as I say, not as I do….. again!!

Oh dear, I feel SO stupid! Have been ill for a few days (I know – you missed me), and don’t seem to be able to feel any better (am impatient) so have been to see the doc………

Turns out this seering headache and blurred vision aren’t down to a flu bug – I’m seriously dehydrated and may need to be whisked into hospital tonight if I dont:

– drink 2 litres of water

– take the awful medicine designed to help me keep aforesaid 2 litres of water down

– eat something – anything – as long as it stays down for a while………….

The doc is ringing us at teatime to see if I’m any better or if I need to go “in doc” so to speak. Best I answer the phone because Tony is bound to exaggerate to give him a few days peace……..

Best thing is, I was offered a sick note to get time off! As if! I’m riddled with guilt over yesterday and not even being able to answer emails – the offer of 3 weeks rest just didn’t do it for me; and I suspect Tony, Yvonne and Garry would have had something to say too!

So am drinking TONS of water.

And still not keeping it down

But am determined to fight this on my terms (and without white wine, which is a big step forward!).

We’ve tons of arrivals for villas in Coral Bay and Peyia this weekend plus some of our villa owners are here AND we’ve got a wedding to sort on Thursday……..where’s my medicine?……I’ve got to get back to normal NOW

ps next time you meet me and I give you the lecture of “drink plenty of water coz` the sun is hotter than you realise”, please do listen – and remind me to take my own advice too!

Category: Cyprus Villas News