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1st January 2010

Do as I say, not as I do…..

In the interests of research, Tony and I went to the beach for a couple of hours yesterday morning. We thought we should experience the whole thing of finding a sunbed/positioning for the sun/walking into the sea over the slippery rocks and generally just chilling out watching the world go by…… we did!

Three large and very different tourist boats came and went, leaving Corallia beach and the bays looking peaceful in their wake. Filled with tanning holiday makers, the boats moor for an hour, let the swimmers enjoy the bay then head off onto the horizon, music blaring and heads bouncing up and down to the sounds.

Fellow sunbathers just sat back, relaxed and watched the movements – as did we.

In fact, it was quite scary how easily what started off as a research experience for our guests (?), suddenly became an hypnotic couple of hours of total peace……

Returning home to Peyia around lunchtime, I felt great – as did Tony.

One hour later, is was a very different story as the exposed parts of our bodies began to fire up with sun kisses that we really should have tried to stop! Stripping off to compare our burning parts, we had to laugh at my psuedo bikini and Tonys pink “shorts” against his brown legs!

Having lived here 6 years, how could we have been stupid enough to sit in the sun, on the beach at Coral Bay and not keep reapplying sun lotion?……It makes you wonder!

And to cap it all, we’d actually giggled at and empathised with the pinking bodies on the coast – and now we were worse than all of them!

I cannot believe that 2 hours in the sun could cause so much heat and pain – but trust me, it did.

As I blog, its Monday morning and I”m sat very gingerly on the edge of a chair, trying not to let me clothes touch me and dreading the moment of having to go into the sun, to head to the office.

Serves me right, I hear you cry!

Totally right it does!

I’ll be telling all the guests I check into villas in Coral Bay today, DON’T forget to protect your skin = but they’ll see that for themselves when they see my beacon glowing face!

Category: Cyprus Villas News