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1st January 2010

DNA for dogs?

Okay, this island is going completely and utterly potty now! Lindsay, Jakes dog trainer (and a thoroughly good girl who we do not hold responsible for Jakes current behaviour>…….) is offering to test doggy DNA to tell you what mix of breeds your dog is……………..

Mmmmmmmm. More important to us is not to have mixed up dogs . Molly is a doodle-bug, Alfie, complete gentleman and Jake, well he should have a Dog ASBO! Where they each originated from isn’t really that important to us: we are just delighted they are here with us now.

And reading about their breeds doesn’t help at all! Molly, a yorkshire terrier/cyprus poodle doodle bug, is meant to be a yappy, vicious little thing. She’s verbal but the most loving dog you could ever meet. Jakes breed is one of the most dangerous in the world – but the subtext to Jake reads “most dangerous if you are a teddy bear” coz his sport is “hunt and destuff the teddy bears!”

Mind you, we could discover, via DNA that none of the dogs are really strays: they are all on the run or seeking asylum in Cyprus……Jake probably has history- and the way he is going, not too long a future if he destuffs any more bears!!

Off to do a checkin at Coral Bay!


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