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12th February 2017


Tony and I are so very much looking forward to spending time with Tony’s daughter, Hayley and her beautiful children, Gracie and Alfie, that we are planning all of the places we’d like to share with them – and getting their bedrooms ready, which is no mean feat in a houseful of furry ”helpers”.

Inspired by Hayleys own gorgeous home, ”we” decided to paint the old pine bedroom furniture we have, turning into a more warm and pretty look – and hiding furry friend damages!

The process hasn’t been easy. The painting bit was completed yesterday and the varnishing is going on today but the planning stages have been very difficult and time consuming, involving a whole lot of persuasion/rows/colour changes and total fallout followed by more visits to The Mill, where Tony has had to debate the plan with ”those in the know”.

Stil, today the furniture is painted in soft lilac and looks great . It isn’t perfect but it’s done. Distressed? Well, Tony is and the dogs have gone to hide in the sunshine but I’m delighted with the end result!

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The photo below is of one of Tony’s favourite places: see you here soon, Hayley! x