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1st April 2018

Distressed? you will be!

What a beautiful day it has been! 24 degrees of wall to wall sunshine, clear skies and stunning seas……it’s been a real ”promise of summer’ day and we’ve lived every moment of it.

Tony is on a very strict health care regime, having had a huge shock a couple of weeks ago when his blood pressure rocketed through the roof and we ended up  in front of a heart surgeon. Two weeks on, he’s doing brilliantly , blood pressure is back near normal and the eating plan is working – for both of us!

Yes, it seems, ”we” had to undertake the plan together and ”we” haven’t been allowed any potatoes/bread/carbs/dairy or just about anything tasty, for 2 weeks. Still, it’s been fun.


However, the by-product of eating salads, vegetables and chicken – with more salad if you are feeling VERY adventurous, is that we each have tons of energy! Well, when I say, “”we”’, I mean ”me” – but I’ve felt it my duty to calmly instruct my longsuffering husband of what he should do to feel better.

Like: walking for up to an hour a day. Helping with the housework and shopping. Taking the bins bags away WITHOUT COMMENT  as we call know comment gets the blood pressure soaring – if I hear the comment! And today, my very favourite, helping to distress the old pine kitchen furniture!

Result! Rocking chair is looking much better, (see photo below); pine dresser is really cool and will be fantastic when it’s finished and I’ve plans for the kitchen table too!

So all good: though judging from Tony’s mood at the moment, he is more distressed than any of the items we’ve attacked with paint brushes!

If you need to escape ; get rid of some energy or simply be calm, come to Coral Bay or Peyia. Rent a holiday villa or apartment and relax – and I promise not to bring a paint brush anywhere near you……..maybe! To book, email to