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7th November 2014

Dig This!

Barney T Rubble had a busy day yesterday. He was due to have an hours ‘refresher training’ with Linz, his trainer but apparently, ‘gave up’ after 25 mins and lay down in the garden for a sleep!

I couldn’t understand why: we hadn’t walked him on the morning and he’d been ‘chilling  out’ with Molly and Charlie for a few hours while we were at work.

When I got home and went into the back garden to bring the washing in, it was all ‘gone’. Knowing Tony wouldn’t have brought it in, coz he just doesn’t, I decided I’d ‘lost my marbles’ and must have brought it in and put it on the ironing mountain – but it wasn’t there either. On closer inspection in the back garden, there were new mounds of earth everywhere and in one, the sleeve of Tonys yellow Tshirt sticking out.

Yes, Barney has pulled all of the things off the line and buried them all in the garden, one by one . so they are all back in the washer now!

Course, as my friend Tee pointed out, at least its warm enough here to hang washing out still!

If you want to come to the warmth or have Barney ‘help’ with laundry, email to me on kr