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1st January 2010

diet and daydreams

Tony and I are on a Very Serious Diet. This is week 2. We are having meal replacement drinks , washed down with huge fibre and vitamin tablets,twice daily.
Week one was fine. I felt almost saintly,enjoying the feeling of not feeling bloated and clothes getting a little looser. Yesterday was terrible: I just wanted to EAT!….
So, I replaced two meals with replacement drinks, THEN had some healthy wholemeal toast with just a scraping of 1inch thick butter – and, erm, strawberry jam. Then, for our evening meal, we had a “healthy and nutricious”, roast chicken dinner, with as many vegetables as I could cook, roast potatoes, mash, stuffing and then more of everything.
Now I’m SO full, I cannot even take the meal replacement drink – so am daydreaming about being thin: I picture myself welcoming the guests coming to villas in coral bay and peyia: I’m thin, healthy, fit and , oh, no, I’ve just fainted and someone has had to get me some CHOCOLATE!
There! Thats better!

Category: Cyprus Villas News