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1st January 2010

Diamonds are a girls best friend…..

Lady Carole visited one of our gorgeous villas in Coral Bay , recently. Along with her very lovely family, she seemed to enjoy the ambience of the area – and met with Lord Anthony, who was keen to drop into her villa to let her know he’d personally planted the garden there!

I was delighted to guide her ladyship to my local favourite jewellers, Kosmina in Coral Bay – and learnt by email today that Carole is now the proud owner of 5 diamonds!

Now some people might think the purchase of diamonds on holiday in Coral Bay, to be a little extravagent: I see it more as our guests duty to the locals of this wonderful area. By investing in the local businesses, our guests are kindly contributing to daily life and commerce on what is, a very small island. Its important to purchase and acquire: Its sort of “money recycling” and I’m all in favour of it!.

I’d like to add two things at this point:

– I don’t consume so much local wine ONLY because I enjoy it: I do it to help the local farmers who work tirelessly on their vineyards …..

– secondly, I’m proud of you, Lady Carole! It was a pleasure to meet you and your family and it thrills me to know you’ll carry a little piece of us around on your person!!

Finally, to my most precious babysister, who rings me often to complain about the lack of daily blogging during this very busy holiday season: GET OVER HERE NOW! BUT DON’T EXPECT DIAMONDS ! (Though you can share my wine!)x