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3rd January 2013

Dial a Date…..

Have been wracking my brains today to think up new business ideas to help a friend of ours who is coming to live here. All I can think is missing, is a supply of attractive, young men to accompany older, single/widowed/divorced ladies to ‘do’s ……

Wouldn’t it be great to just have a simple, (clean, Susie F!), easy way to , erm, get a younger man and have his company for an evening at eg a restaurant or dance without all the complications?….

Course, would mean someone having to interview the candidates ……am sure Susie F is busy so may not be able to help me…….

I just like the thought of good company, no ironing to do for them before going out and no washing up to do later …….

Ideas and suggestions welcome but remember ladies, keep it clean and simple!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News