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14th January 2024

Dexter’s Day: Wrinkled and crinkled with love!

Me and Mummy and I and we, were snuggled up in bed this morning, thunking about good stuff.
Mummy was tickling me – which makes me VERY happy so I smile very wide
And when I smile, Mummy smiles! I know this coz her eyes crinkle up a whole lot!

She said to me, “You’ve gone and done it now Dexter! Am not supposed to smile for a few hours,
Coz as soon as I start , the wrinkles come back in and stay for the day!”

I thunked to her that I wuff her as she is : she’s my favourite wrinkly lady and Daddy is my favourite wrinkly man – though AJ is my other favourite coz he’s funny and kind and pretends not to smile!

Mummy says that wrinkles on people are like rings on a tree: they tell a story about life and love.

(Does this mean I can pee on wrinkles? Or should I stop pee-ing on trees?
It’s VERY complicated!).

It’s a beautiful, happy Sunday and I’ve enough wuff to share with you all, wrinkles or not!

Wuff and wags
Dexter x