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6th December 2021

Dexter’s Day: working in a flap!

I’ve had a VERY BUSY DAY!

Mummy and I have been working

From the office at home

Because the walls in the kitchen fell down ,

(well, not exactly but I have been biting at the plaster),

So a nice man called Ed came to fix them –

But he doesn’t like puppies

and wouldn’t let me cuddle him,

So Mummy has brought me to the office.


I don’t mind.

Mummy is busy on the big machine with words on

And I’ve mostly been sleeping on the settee in there –

Well apart from when I’ve tried to eat the cat food

which is stored in here

or been chewing the ”Old Grumps’ hat,

Which sits on the chair.


Oh, then I’ve been extra busy

trying to talk to Brucie.

He lives in this office

when he isn’t on the hill

but today, he couldn’t come in

because I was here and there wasn’t room.


So I tried to go outside and play with him

When Mummy wasn’t looking –

And got stuck.

Coz the doorway isn’t big enough.

Now I cannot get out

And Brucie cannot get in!

Mummy says it’s lucky Brucie likes me

Coz he could easily scratch my nose

and there wouldn’t be anything I could do about it!


We are working here tomorrow.

I may be sleeping here if Daddy cannót help get me out.


Wuff and Wags

Dexter x