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14th March 2024

Dexter’s Day: Working Dog!

I’ve got another job! I’m so happy! My Mummy is taking me around all of the wufferly villas with her, when she is back on her feet – and I’m going to ‘sniff them all out’!
Today, I’ve been helping Mummy by ‘going through’ all of the new photos with her:
She puts them on this machine and I sniff them and lick the ones I like!
But I like ALL of them!
And I want to run around in their gardens
But I cannot jump on the beds. Mummy is VERY strict about that!

I thunk I can leave dog hairs there though and our lovely Jamie and Lauren will vacuum them up!
They’ve vacuumed me away today at home. I was ‘everywhere’ and Mummy was threatening to knit another Dexter.
But I thunked to her “You can’t! There is only one Dexter the Destructor Dog” and it’s me!

Mummy asked me if I wanted a pet – and I do but I don’t know how there will be enough food for another dog
And how will be both fit onto Mummys knee when we sit on the chair watching TV
and there is DEFINITELY no room in the bed for another dog! That’s my space!

Anyway, Mummy says I can come with her and meet the happy villa guests when they come on holiday.
I thunk I’ll like this job very much! They can stroke me and we’ll chat and play
And maybe they’ll invite me to their BBQs so I can EAT!

Wuff and wags
Dexter x